Card Sync Frequently Asked Questions

What is this programme about?
American Express® partnered with Foursquare to develop a seamless technology that provides Cardmembers instant rewards based on their location, without the need for codes or vouchers. Across the UK & U.S. at participating merchants, American Express Cardmembers can now check-in with Foursquare, tap to redeem the Special and pay with their synced American Express Card to receive a credit on their monthly statement.
Which American Express Cards are eligible for this programme?
You may enroll any valid UK American Express Consumer Card or Small Business Card, or any valid U.S. American Express Consumer Card or Business Card from American Express OPEN in the programme at American Express Corporate Cards and Prepaid Cards (such as American Express Gift Cards and Serve Cards) are not eligible. Please visit Programme Terms & Conditions for more information.
What if I don’t have a Foursquare account?
Visit to easily create a new Foursquare account.
How do I get started?
Visit the Sync My Card page to get started. After you connect to Foursquare you will be redirected to our secure American Express page to provide your name, email address, and American Express Card number to link your Card to your Foursquare account. Your Card information will never be shared with Foursquare. Once the sync is complete, a confirmation message will appear.
Why do I have to sync my American Express Card to participate?
Syncing your Card is necessary so that American Express can provide you with exclusive offers within the Foursquare app, and send credits to your Card account when you check-in and meet offer criteria. The Card sync occurs on a secure American Express site. Your Card information will never be shared with Foursquare.
Are you sharing my American Express Card number with Foursquare?
No. The accounts are linked with a unique identifier specifically created for this programme. Your American Express Card account number will never be shared with Foursquare.
If I received a replacement Card, do I need to sync my new Card?
Yes. If you have received a new Card, you will need to unsync your original Card and sync your replacement Card. Please Unsync your card to complete this process.
How do I load an offer?
Once you have synced your Card, simply check-in at participating locations to unlock offers. When offers appear, tap “load to Card.” Once you make a purchase using your synced American Express Card, you will receive a message confirming that the offer was successfully redeemed.
What if I have more than one American Express Card?
You can only sync one Card per unique Foursquare account. When you load an offer in the Foursquare app and spend at the Merchant, the Card you use must match the Card and Foursquare account that was enrolled in the programme.
How do I redeem an offer?
After checking in, loading that offer to your Card, and meeting the spending criteria of that offer, a credit will appear on your statement. Credits generally appear within 3 - 5 business days.
How long will it take for me to get my statement credit for offers?
A statement credit on your Card account will be issued generally within 3 - 5 business days after your qualifying purchase.
Which mobile devices can I see American Express offers within?
You can view American Express offers within the Foursquare app on iPhone, Android and Blackberry

Please call the American Express Merchant Customer Service team on 01273 675 533 if you are a Merchant with any questions.


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